A New Beginning



One never knows the changes that will occur when a new baby enters their life. People will say things like, “you’re never going to sleep again” or “it will be the most joyous experience you have ever felt”, but NONE of that really sinks in until that little precious bundle of joy is in your arms. And as you stare lovingly into that sweet bundles wrinkly little face, you think “now what?”

My journey into all things natural began about 8 years ago. It started simple with a interest in what was being added to my beauty products. That interest has slowly grown into an obsession with trying to find the best products available (be it nutrition, cosmetics or what things have the least impact on the earth) with the least harmful ingredients and that actually work.  Becoming a mother has exasperated this interest because I now search for the best things for my family as well. Sometimes things are not commercially available (or if they are, they are WAY to expensive for my budget) so this is where my DIY interest comes into play.

I decided to create this blog so that other people might be able to use what I have learned and create a safer life for themselves and their families. Enjoy!


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